G700 Flashlight Reviews

G700 Flashlight Reviews

g700 flashlight reviews

Product Overview

The G700 Flashlight is a tactical flashlight which many people refer to it as the “toughest flashlight on the market”. So many will ask why it is referred as the toughest in the market. The answer is simple; G700 flashlight is made from aluminum the same material used to make aircraft. This makes it be ranked as the most durable and long-lasting military grade flashlight on the market today.

The technology utilized in the G700 was initially developed for the US Military and was purposely used to serve Marine Corps during combat. The flashlight is the perfect pick for both outdoor and home use.

How G700 Flashlight works


The G700 tactical flashlight uses the state of the art flashlight technology to power itself. This amazing flashlight has a lighting of 700 lumens. This is among the many useful features to look for when comparing flashlights. The name G700 was derived from the fact that the flashlight puts out 700 lumens of power.

One fantastic feature of this flashlight is the five pre-set models. These preset models which include high, medium, low, SOS and strobe provide usage under different situations.

The flashlight is made of aircraft aluminum grade material which makes it virtually indestructible. This, in other words, translates that the flashlight can as well be used for self-defense purposes without incurring any damages.

One of the unique features of the G700 Flashlight is the battery capacity. You might be expecting that such a well-scripted flashlight is fitted with a massive battery power. The truth is that the flashlight uses only 2 AAA batteries. However due to the integration of power saving technology, the flashlight uses the surprisingly little amount of energy, so there is no need of continuously changing the battery. The flashlight has 1200 hours Lamp Life.

Battery charger and power options of the G700

The G700 uses two powering options: one being using the adapter that holds 31.5 volts AAA cells and the other option using a single 4 volts AAA battery.

Upon purchase, along with the charger comes a car adapter that will allow the user to charge the batteries whether at work or during trips. However there are other charging options for the G700 flashlight using USB, but this option is not usually included in the retail packaging.


g700 flashlight review

The G700 Flashlight has six different focus modes. These various modes allow the user to switch according to the situations. For instance, the user can change from a full range telescoping to telescoping mode and from a square box to sphere box.

The G700 Flashlight also features SOS signals. The user can use the G700 to make an emergency SOS signal. Alternatively, the user can use the flashlight and make it blink multiple times. This feature is essential, especially for survival occasions.

It also features 1200 Hours Lamp Life. The high-end telescopic lamp glass lasts for more than 1200 light hours.

Waterproof Body. The design of this flashlight makes it waterproof. A user can use it in underwater or even in the rain. It is also designed to go up to 100 feet underwater. Therefore, it makes an excellent tool for scuba divers.

Rechargeable battery. There is no need of changing the battery again. All one has to do is just to plug in the charger and the flashlight will be ready for usage in less than an hour.

Here are some of the reasons why you should carry the G700 Flashlight.

· Illuminate dark areas– this is helpful especially in preventing a hiding attacker from surprising you. If you are in a dark place where you cannot look and seek what is there- shine the flashlight on it. This is important as the light allows you to perceive threats and know whether you should go into some locations.

· For defense purposes– the G700 Flashlight is essential for self-defense. In the case of a confrontation by an attacker, a small high-intensity beam shown in the eyes of the attacker can temporarily blind the attacker. This, in other words, will give you the opportunity to escape the attacker.

· In places where weapons are not allowed, flashlights are welcome. Unlike other weapons used for self-defense, the G700 can be carried anywhere without any worries. For example, you can bring it on an airplane, and even in your purse.

· Usage does not require any training but only requires the press of a button, and then you are ready to go.

The advantages of G700 Flashlight

· Durability. The aluminum material used to make the flashlight make it last longer and the possibilities of wearing out are minimal.

· Versatility. There are five modes which can be utilized during different situations.

· Perfectly fits in the user’s hand. The flashlight is compact and not bulky, unlike some other tactical military grade flashlights. This is because of its perfect length and the circumference. The depressing button is perfectly placed and therefore does not have problems when switching ON.

· Uses AAA battery. A lot of tactical flashlights use a CR123 battery. However, an advantage of the G700 Flashlight is that it uses batteries which are readily available in the retail stores and can be easily accessed when a replacement has to be done.

· Cheap. When compared to flashlights designed with similar technologies, the G700 flashlight is relatively inexpensive for the quality of the product.

· Designed using a new revolutionary LED technology– the G700 Flashlight utilizes all new technology. The technology has replaced the LED diodes with LED chips. This unique technology is only used in the modern world by the military and NASA for their operations.

Conclusion of the G700 Flashlight Review

In summary, the G700 Flashlight is extremely powerful and an essential tool for outdoor fun as well as indoor usage. A major unique advantage is that it is a multipurpose flashlight since can be used for various occasions/situations. The quality is also good generally when even compared to its pricing in the retail world. Even though the G700 Flashlight is available for home use, the users should, however, the user should be aware of the danger of blinding people with the flashlight and therefore should take full responsivity when using the flashlight for indoor purpose.